12 September 2016

Embroidered Botanicals

A sign on display at a craft store said, "Crafting is cheaper than therapy." In many ways, I think it's true. Crafting keeps you focused, mindful and the repetitive motion calms you down. If you craft with like-minded folks, even better -- you can chat while you craft! And the finished piece is a reward in itself.

That's the reason why I take time to craft. 

Here's an easy one that can be accomplished in one sitting.

It starts with some fabric. It doesn't matter what kind. Even fabric remnants will work. Be sure to use an iron to get the wrinkles out.

Mount the fabric tightly on an embroidery hoop and trim the excess.

Draw some of your favorite prints. I chose these simple botanicals.

"Color in the lines" using embroidery thread.

Play around with different colors and stitches. It doesn't have to be perfect.

And here is my hand-stitched art ready to be put on display. TADA!

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