03 October 2016

Metallic Print Paper

Hi there and thank you for hanging out with me today.

Remember this gift wrap?

It was printed using paint and bottle covers. I decided, we should print some more. Are you with me?

I have some black tissue paper rescued from a shipping order. Instead of throwing it away, I'll turn it from blah to TADA!

I think metallic paint would go well on black paper.

I made different sized circles using a variety of bottle covers.

Just dip the bottle cover in the paint and press onto the paper.

And this is what it looks like. TADA!

But why stop there, when you can make a matching card?

I have a lot of relatives and friends celebrating milestone birthdays this year: a cousin turning 40, a friend is now 50, an aunt and uncle both marked 80, and and uncle celebrated 90. 

Birthdays, they truly are gifts. Please don't think otherwise.

Trim around the "age" and attach to cardstock.

Use the handprinted paper to wrap a gift like a well-deserved bottle of Champagne.

And now, we're ready to celebrate!

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