25 January 2017

Birthday Postcards

Howdy guys! I hope you're all having a good week. I've been thinking about birthday cards. I love sending snail mail to dear friends and bonus points if I'm able to make the birthday card myself. 

Last year, while spring cleaning, I came across my stash of postcards. I've collected them over the years in my different travels and stored them in a plastic box. But what are postcards if they're not given away, right?

So I curated a set, about 5 postcards, based on my memories with a particular friend.

For one friend, I chose these: one with a lighthouse (because she's one of my pillars of strength), a beach (because we spent every summer going to a different one), one with food (because dining is one of our favorite things to do), and an adult coloring page (one that I colored and a blank one for her to fill).  Each one has a special handwritten message at the back.

For another friend, I choose these: botanicals (the theme she used for her wedding), dolphins (one summer, I joined her and her family to see dolphins in the wild), historic homes (we both love interior design and architecture), and one with a pig on it (we both love the country life).  

I gathered all the postcards, secured them with a vellum "belt", and tucked these inside an envelope for mailing. TADA!

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  1. A most thoughtful gift indeed! Another example of how simple ideas can often outshine the most elaborate "things" in life.


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