21 August 2017

Pretty Packaging Design

Last July, family visited and they came bearing gifts! One of those gifts is this artisinal chocolate bar:

It's carefully made in the Philippines by a small company called Tigre Y Oliva

This bean to bar chocolate is full-bodied, flavorful, and has a good snap. It was gone in one sitting!

And can we talk about the packaging?

The paper is from Italy and this particular one reminds me of colorful tiles on a wall or floor of a villa. Wrapping like this must not be thrown away.

Here's what I did to preserve this pretty package:

With this pack of self-laminating tags, I'm making my own luggage tag!

I carefully took off the sticker labels.

Then stretched out the paper.

Using the information card as a guide, I cut out a piece of the wrapper. 

I glued this onto the back side of the card.

Then I sandwiched the card in between the plastic (after filling out the information with a pen). 

Here's what it looks like.

My DIY luggage tag...TADA!

As an alternative, you can use a laminating machine or ID tags

I'm ready for my next adventure with this luggage tag that's sure to stand out.


  1. I love it when people find clever ways of repurposing things that would normally be thrown away. Cute tag!

    1. Thank you Priscilla! This was a fun craft to do!


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