04 September 2017

How To Make It

I have a new discovery that I just need to share! 

It's this beautiful book called "How To Make it" written by Erin Austen Abbott

In the book, Erin interviews 25 creative entrepreneurs from all over the United States and Canada. They include stationery designers, leather crafters, painters, a party goods designer, and print makers, and they all dish out advice on "how to make it" from maker to business owner.

It's an easy read (I read it from cover to cover) with lots of pictures. Here are my favorite parts of the book:

A section featuring "A Day in The Life" because, hey, owning a business is a 24/7 job! It shows how they layout their day and how they achieve a work-life balance. 

They also recommend a playlist...I'm all for new music suggestions!

And there are generous pages filled with easy how-to craft projects if you're still at the "maker" part of the spectrum.

In the dedication page, Erin says, "This book is for all the makers, crafters, artists, and working creatives who get up every day and pour their hearts into their work because they simply love what they do. You are Making It."


Please stop by tomorrow...I'm making a craft from the book!


  1. Thank you for the book recommendation. It's fun to see what music other crafters find inspirational. I like Barry Manilow when I'm trying to be creative!


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