11 December 2017

A Christmas Card Display

Christmas cards in the mail are one of my favorite things about the holidays! The simple thought of families and friends wishing me well (all relayed in a card) is enough to warm me up inside and out. 

I like to put all these cards on display. Here's how I do it:

I start with a set of clothespins. They're looking a little blah, though.

By adding some stickers, they look festive already. TADA!

Use readymade stickers or make your own. These were cut out from sticker glitter foam.

Make a "clothesline" out of cord or string. Put this up on a wall or above a door frame.

Use the clothespins to hold the cards in place.

Love and merry wishes on display! TADA!


  1. I've done a display like this, but I didn't think to decorate the clothespins. Decorating the clothespins adds that little extra festive touch! (I love the white star card, by the way, very pretty!)

  2. Sometimes I like to add seasonal details but they work without the embellishments. Thanks Priscilla!


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