19 February 2018

The Year of Cozy

I've had this book for some time now and I decided to pull it out of my bookshelf.

The title says it all. And in the middle of winter, being cozy is all I want.

"The Year of Cozy"  by Adrianna Adarme is brimming with recipes, crafts, and activities that you can make and do in the winter, spring, summer, and fall. Adriana describes that, "The good life is measured in moments like these."

Here are a few of her suggestions:

Enjoy some warm Chai Tea

Do nothing as a counterpoint to working very hard. By "doing nothing" like unplugging from technology, the simple act of drinking, watching the clouds, taking a walk, or letting go of guilt, you make room for creativity and calm.

Write handwritten notes

Make some tomato marinara sauce

Bake a batch of cookies

Go on a food adventure and eat something you've never eaten before

Visit a thrift store

Have a staycation: Go to the beach 

Or visit a museum

Put up a gallery wall

I hope these ideas encourages you to live a life of cozy...TADA!


  1. These are all nice ideas with a feeling of softness and happy activities . . . oh, of being COZY. I really enjoy taking walks, so checking out the clouds or exploring a beach particularly appeal to me.

    1. I know right? Here's to cherishing simple joys and cheap thrills! Thanks for visiting, Priscilla!


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