12 March 2018

The Birthday Plate

I hope you like birthdays. I like birthdays a lot and everything associated with it like greetings, gifts, and gratitude. 

Maybe you have some traditions to mark birthdays? A family I know will stay up until midnight so they are the first to greet the birthday celebrator with hugs and a cake. A friend I know will always celebrate with children at an orphanage to share her blessings. And still another friend I know always travels on her birthday, usually by herself so she can reflect on her past year and her plans for her new year.  

When I saw this plate at Anthropologie a few seasons back, I thought, "This is perfect for a birthday tradition." It can be the special plate of the family.

This plate takes the place of a regular dining plate during a family member's birthday, from breakfast, lunch, snacktime, and dinner. It will make him or her feel extra special. And, it will remind the whole family that it's someone's special day when they sit at the table. 

It's also the best way to serve the birthday cake. TADA!

What traditions do you like to do on your birthday?


  1. It IS a nice way to serve a piece of birthday cake.:-) For our birthdays, Dear Husband and I do something to celebrate what we can still do. Usually it's a long run (haha, a long JOG, to be honest), but it can be washing and waxing the car (because we're thankful our backs and knees are still good), or trying a brand new recipe because we're still brave enough to try new things. Happy Birthday to whomever got to eat that piece of cake!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Priscilla! I agree, we should be thankful for birthdays instead of saying, "I'm so old!". Not everyone gets the privilege of another year.


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