28 May 2018

How To: A Leather Keychain

Hey, hey, Happy Monday!

Last week, I told you about this favorite belt of mine that broke. 

But all was not lost. I bought a new belt and made a keychain out of my old belt.

There's a bit more leather left over -- enough to make another keychain. 

All that's needed are a jewelry end cap, a jump ring, a metal key ring, hot glue, and a pair of scissors.

Trim the leather to your desired length.

Make the ends meet and stick them together with hot glue.

Apply more glue to the edges and attach this to the end cap.

Now we've made a handsome leather loop.

Place the jump ring on the end cap.

And hook this on a key ring.

A quick and easy leather craft...TADA!

There's a masculine and feminine version...double TADA!

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