23 July 2018

A Quiet Spot in the City

I wish I had a garden, a place where I could plant flowers and edibles like herbs and tomatoes. A garden where I could put a bench or a hammock to spend balmy afternoons. A garden that had a dining table to gather loved ones for a home-cooked meal and a home-baked cake.

I live in an apartment building and I don't have a garden to call my own. 

Thankfully, I found this spot in the heart of the city.

It's in Greenwich Village. It's gated and fenced in but is open to the public.

It's called Jeffereson Market Garden.

It's vibrant in the late spring and the whole of summer.

It has pretty paths and the most spectacular array of flowers...

The noise from the street is tuned out with these tranquil sounds...

A babbling pond...

A collection of fountains...

And gentle wind chimes.

There's a greenhouse...

And a few birdhouses.

There are some benches for rest, reading, and meditation.

I guess having my own garden isn't so bad after all...TADA! 


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