09 December 2019

A Christmas Card Display Rack

I always look forward to Christmas cards in my mailbox. They are a sure way to spread the holiday spirit!

I love to put them on display so I made this Christmas Card Display Rack with odds and ends that I found at home.

Things like a wire hanger, clothespins, battery-operated lights, and tape...I'll turn them from blah to TADA!

what to do with wire hangers
Shape the wire hanger into a circle.

Wind the lights around the wire hanger.

Put in some fresh batteries and attach the battery pack on the wire hanger with tape.

Clip on the clothespins (I painted them white to match the wire hanger) in alternating fashion, some facing outside and some pointed inside the wreath.

Then attach the Christmas cards to the clothespins and turn on the lights...TADA!

I added a bow  made from wired ribbon for color and to cover the battery pack.

Hang it on a door or a blank wall so that you'll have decorations in every room of the house.

But when the holidays are over, save the display rack!

birthday card display, greeting card wreath
Use it to display birthday cards and other pretty notes you receive throughout the year.

greeting card wreath, birthday card display, birthday cards
A Christmas Card display rack. A wreath for greeting cards. Whatever you want to call it, it's a simple way to turn the days of the year from blah to TADA!


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