26 February 2023

Sidewalk Furniture

On the streets of New York City, you are bound to find furniture -- free for the taking! Maybe the owners no longer need them or maybe they're moving out of their apartments. Personally, I would call the Salvation Army or Habitat for Humanity's ReStore to schedule a pick-up. The'll sell the furniture in their thrift stores and use the money for their community projects...TADA!

Here's one of the pieces I saw:

It's a half moon console table that looks brand new.

Had I taken it home, I would repaint it. The red is a little too vibrant for me. Here's what I would do:

via Pinterest

I'd paint it white and brush the table top with a natural wood stain.

via Pinterest

I could also give it a distressed finish and replace the knob with something more classic.

After it's been painted, this is how I would use it:

foyer, interior design, white table, modern farmhouse
via Pinterest

It would be a nice accessory in the foyer.

modern farmhouse, foyer, interior design
via Pinterest

It can be a practical display space in a small corner.

foyer, interior design, modern farmhouse
via Pinterest

A mirror is always a good match with a console table to make the room bigger and for that final touch of lipstick before heading out the door.

Vintage Christmas, farmhouse, shabby chic, Christmas decorations, interior design
via Pinterest

I can use it to display seasonal decor like flowers in springtime, potted plants in the summer, pumpkins in autumn, and a small tree for the holidays...TADA! 

DIY Coffee Station
via BakedBree

I can turn it into a well-appointed coffee corner.

DIY Bar Cart Makeover, interior design, bar cart
via Pinterest

Or in lieu of a bar cart, a bar console table -- glasses on top, bottles on the bottom.

party ideas, candy buffet, dessert buffet
via Wedding Chicks

It can be useful for a birthday party or baby shower for a candy buffet or sweets station...TADA!

I can even bring it inside the bedroom and put it in between two beds.

dresser table, shabby chic, vintage, interior design
via Pinterest

I can add a mirror and a stool to make a vanity...TADA!

These are just some crazy ideas. I hope you'll use them as a jump-off point to turn your old furniture from blah to TADA!

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  1. Our dining nook is red in an otherwise white-walled house. When I saw the red table, I was thinking I'd use it just as is. I'd put it in the entryway. Outgoing mail on top and the sticker-puller in the drawer. (Stickers--a rural Texas thing. If you don't take off your shoes right away, you have to pull the stickers off your shoes or you'll track them all over the house!)

    1. Sounds awesome, Priscilla! Thank you for the sticker trivia!


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