15 September 2014

Why Craft?

Hello and happy new week! Like me, I know you like to craft too. But sometimes do you feel guilt once you've picked up your materials and really get into it? And many times, put crafting in the low rung of the priority list because there are other more important things to do? Please raise your hand. I know I'm not alone.

Here's an insightful quote from an issue of Good Housekeeping magazine: 

Apart from the pretty things we make out of crafting, the doctor says crafting is good for one's health! Isn't that TADA!?

Please stop by on Wednesday for a fun blah to TADA! craft idea.

Have a good day!

08 September 2014

A Tomato Harvest

Happy Monday dear friends! Do you remember last week when a new friend gave me cucumbers from her garden? It only gets better.

She gave me tomatoes! 

I am astounded by her generosity. She says, "We have so much, I can't let them go to waste." I am also astounded that I was the chosen recipient. 

I heart tomatoes.

How lucky was I that I didn't have to forage for food or scramble to the supermarket in order to put dinner on the table that evening. With a few pantry staples, here's what I made: 

A Caprese salad -- a humble composition of the beautiful tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, pesto, all seasoned with salt and pepper.

But before this meal happened, I made a painting for posterity:

It started with a sketch.

Then I filled in with color.

I added some details and highlights.

Plus gratitude.

Inside, I wrote a note. I tucked the card into an envelope and handed it to her the next time I saw her. I hope she was pleased with the tomato family portrait.  

I'm now inspired to make these into a series of note cards.

For good measure, I made another version, still using watercolor this time on darker paper.

And that's this week's blah to TADA!

01 September 2014

A Garden of Veggie Delights

So. It's September 1st today.

A blah feeling is slowly creeping in. That's because here in the US, it's also Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer. Boo! I don't want summer to end just yet. 

Also, it's September! Is it just me or is the year flying by so quickly?

I need to snap out of this little tantrum I'm having (I'm so sorry folks!) -- on to happy things and thoughts of gratefulness.

These cucumbers!

Someone who I just met gave these to me, delicately tucked in a brown paper bag. She grows them in her garden (pretty impressive, right?).

She also gave me these basil flowers. I wish you could smell them -- fresh, citrus-y, pure basil goodness.

Recipes and storage information were also generously shared (keep cucumbers on the counter for two days, refrigerate if keeping for a longer time; store the basil in a partially open plastic bag in the fridge).

I think gifts from one's garden are TADA! A true labor of love.

I've added the basil to both hot tea and iced tea, and the cucumber has been a refreshing highlight to evening salads.

Before consuming all this summer bounty -- I made a token of appreciation. 

A greeting card with a watercolor expressing my thanks. TADA!

Have a nice day and a superb September!

25 August 2014

A Gift for the Girls

Hello lovelies! I'm a fan of cheerful prints, especially lively prints on paper.

That's the reason I fell in love with this paper pack on my trip to the craft store. I bought it without a specific project in mind.

These are just some of the designs. Are you drooling already? 

Today, I'm using the mason jar print. I'm personalizing each jar with a name. To do this, rubber stamps and and an ink pad really do come in handy.

Then, I cut around each jar.

I also make some heart shapes from pages of an old book, this time with a craft punch.

I glue on these elements on favor bags.

I'll be using these to wrap little presents to give away when I get together with my girls.

As a finishing touch, I made a bow with some colorful yarn. Isn't that blah to TADA!?

Have a beautiful week everyone!

20 August 2014

A Sweet Portrait

Hello there! Here's another crafty idea from my visit to Dylan's Candy Bar:

The woman behind the confectionery store, Dylan Lauren, her portrait made out of jelly beans! Isn't it cool? 

A few links that you might also like:

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See you all next week. Have a wonderful weekend!

Candy Cake

Thanks for coming over today!

I've been sharing some highlights from my trip to Dylan's Candy Bar. It's such a happy and inspiring shop. Within the store, there are lots of party and crafty ideas. This one has got to be my favorite:

A cake made out of candy!

Here's a more elaborate one with no less than 4 tiers in pretty pastel shades.

I'll be borrowing this idea and maybe create one for a friend's upcoming milestone birthday. Instead of the usual cake, I can make this using her favorite candy.  For a blah to TADA! spin, I'll use an empty box (to build a square or rectangular cake) as the base and attach the candy using all purpose glue.

I hope these photos have sparked ideas for your future celebrations! 

19 August 2014

Dylan's Candy Bar

Yesterday, I gave you a little tease about a happy place I recently visited. It's located in Manhattan's Upper East Side with a few more branches across the US. 

It's called Dylan's Candy Bar!

Candy, color, and cuteness are three words I can use to sum up this store. 

Sweets in every shade and size possible.

Empty canisters that customers can use to fill with candy. I think these make a sweet souvenir or gift for friends that relay the message, "I thought of you on my trip to New York".

Merchandise for those who can't have candy.

And these adorable pillows for a child's bedroom which can be taken on a road trip.

I like to look for my name in the personalized candy section. Can you find yours? 

A bit of candy nostalgia in one corner of the store.

It brings the older generation back to their days as boys and girls. 

There are many other sweets for sale like fudge and chocolate-dipped fruit.

There's a cafe on the top floor for a midday snack and a room for party rentals.

What's not to love about a photo booth (with props, too)?

This larger than life gumball machine makes anyone (young and young at heart) a giddy kid at a candy store! 

If you can, please stop by tomorrow for a candy craft idea.