21 April 2014

Recycling Dryer Sheets

Happy Monday! I hope you had a nice Easter weekend.

This week on the blog, we'll turn dryer sheets from blah to TADA!

These sheets leave a mild fragrance and prevent static cling to my laundry. I know, I must find a more sustainable option. That's why I'm using the spent sheets for crafting. They're a good alternative to fabric.

Because they're sheer, it's easy to trace letters.

Spell out a favorite word.

Add another sheet underneath and mount these tightly on an embroidery hoop.

Now, time to embroider!

We'll use the embroidery hoop as a frame, too. Just trim off the excess dryer sheets.

And here we have handmade, heartfelt art. TADA!

See you back on Wednesday for another idea.

20 April 2014

Happy Easter!

Wishing you hopeful and happy beginnings!

18 April 2014

Easter Treats

It's Easter on Sunday and I thought it would be fun to do some crafting for this special day.

Easter is a time of joy and what better way to celebrate than with candy! 

I'm turning these blah brown paper bags into TADA!

I cut the bags into smaller sheets and fashioned them into little paper bags, using all-purpose glue to seal the edges.

Then I painted on a pastel-colored bunny. I added a pompom for its cotton tail.

Paint the bunny in different shades and play around with the pompoms.

Here's another version: bags that are thinner and resemble bill envelopes.

Paint on Easter greetings and fill each one with treats.

A fun surprise for kids and adults, alike. TADA!

Here's to an eggs-cellent weekend!

15 April 2014

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

Hello and thanks for stopping by today!

Yesterday, I told you about the Garance Dore' and Anna Rifle Bond collaboration.

Garance made the chic illustrations and Rifle Paper Co. produced the line making for a sexy yet sentimental collection. 

Let me show you the things I took home from the event.

A tank top freebie!

Specially made tattoos by Tattly.

I purchased this Rifle Paper Co. print of one of my favorite cities.

 I had Anna sign it {she was so sweet!}.

Her signature in silver ink.

A beautiful print deserves a frame to match.

I got to meet Garance, too!

I picked out this greeting card of a mysterious lady in a cape.

A personal note from Garance {swoon!}.

And I framed it as well. TADA!

14 April 2014

Fabulous Stationery: Garance Dore' Paper

Happy Monday! A few weeks back, I was able to attend an intimate launch of a new stationery line. Let me tell you, this is not a paid post. It's just a pinch-me moment I have to share because I got to meet two very inspiring women.

They are Garance Dore' and Anna Rifle Bond.

If you are a big fan of stationery, you might have heard of Anna. She owns Rifle Paper Company together with her husband Nathan. And it is her brilliant mind and creative hands that have produced these:

Prints of cities, people and mundane objects.

The cutest greeting cards.

And now phone cases! All in her signature gouache illustrations. 

Now, if you love fashion, you know Garance. She's a blogger and photographer with a passion for fashion. 

She's also a very talented illustrator. Wouldn't this be a great cover for a greeting card?

Indeed! And thus the Garance Dore' Paper line was born in collaboration with Rifle Paper Company.

I love this write-up of a dream coming true.

The launch was a pop-up shop in New York City.

With a series of fun activities -- letter-writing, calligraphy, tattoos, food!

Inside, a beautiful boutique set-up.

Featuring Garance Dore' Paper in her favorite colors: pink, yellow, silver, gold and black.

There was also a talk with Anna and Garance where they discussed their creative process, how they each started in their fields, and how it was like to work on this line. 

If you'd like, you can watch it here.

Oh, there was free coffee.

And snacks like doughnuts and macarons, too!

Judging from the long line at the register, I'd say this is one successful collaboration.

Tomorrow, I'll show you the goodies I bought. Take care!

08 April 2014

Painting Tulips

How do you turn a blah home into a TADA! home?

Just add flowers! They instantly add color and life to any room, don't you agree?

The sad part is they wilt and die. So we're back to blah.

I make these tulips last by turning them into a muse for an afternoon of watercolor. And now, I've got art for my blank wall. TADA!

And here's how I turned a blah piece of cardboard into TADA!: paint on a tulip and let it dry. Just like that, it's a bookmark waiting for the spring and summer novels on my reading list.

Have a colorful Tuesday!