20 May 2014

Crafting with Washi Tape

Yesterday, I had shared with you an on-going pop-up called "Taped" at three Anthropologie shops in New York City: Rockefeller Center, Chelsea Market and SOHO. If you're in town, try to stop by to see a showcase of how washi tape is used and even purchase a few rolls. It runs until May 26. 

On the day the event opened, there was a craft station set-up at the Chelsea Market store. I just love creative sessions like these!

There were cute cupcakes.

And mini water bottles appropriately dressed in washi tape.

There was a generous supply of washi tape and plain white boxes in different shapes.

All we had to do was pick a box.

Then choose the tape we wanted to use. 

I really went wild with the colors!

I based my design decisions on the patterns I was drawn to: floral and stripes.

Here is my box all assembled...TADA!

Here are a few more that my fellow crafters made:

And here's another shot of my gift box:

An ordinary box turns from blah to TADA! with tape!

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