10 June 2014

Paper to Petal

So I borrowed this visually-inspiring book from the library:

It's called Paper to Petal authored by husband-wife team Patrick Farrell and Rebecca Thuss. I've renewed it so many times because I can't get enough of all the handmade beauty! Here, let me show you...

They're based on real flowers but with a whimsical spin. Stripes, baby!

And pastel speckles!

Vibrant arrangements to keep or give away. Sigh.

The tutorials are easy to follow, it contains many templates and a generous directory of supply sources. 

I just had to try out some of the projects, in my blah to TADA! twist -- I'm re-purposing tissue and packaging paper. 

I started by tracing a petal from the one of the templates.

I cut these out and painted on a darker shade of pink.

Having no green paper, I made leaves with watercolor.

I did the same to make yellow paper that I fringed. 

Floral tape, floral wire and a wire cutter are a few other essentials.

Here's how I made the flower:

The center is made of a cotton ball attached to one end of the floral wire. Then wrap the cotton ball with a square piece of paper.

Secure the loose ends to the wire with floral tape.

I'm using the yellow fringe as the stamen, adding more floral tape as I go along.

I pinched the ends of the petals and added them to the base with glue and more floral tape.

Here's what it looks like.

Add a calyx to make it more lifelike.

And then some leaves.

Here's what it looks like now. 

Just the right size to add color to a desk or shelf. TADA!

Please stop by tomorrow for another idea from the book.

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