18 December 2012

A Market within a Market

I'm taking you around the Christmas markets of New York City. I hope you're enjoying the tour! 

Chelsea Market is a place in Manhattan that I often visit. It's a foodie paradise with shops selling food and anything related to food like cooking tools, exotic ingredients, books and gift baskets. 

Locals and visitors come here to grab a bite, buy something "to go", experience a new trend in dining, and possibly bump into a Food Network celebrity chef {the Food Network offices/kitchens are located in the building}. 

Here's how Chelsea Market is decorated for the holidays this year:

A Christmas tree made of real twigs, logs and 
leaves, painted in white.

A new spin on the Hanukkah Menorah.

It's made of nine humble paintbrushes covered in paper bag and twine. During each night of Hanukkah, a paintbrush is unveiled to reveal a flame {an actual Menorah is lit with real flames}. I've never seen anything like this, I think it's cute.

Real and faux plants that tell you the holidays are here.

Inside Chelsea Market is a bakeshop called Eleni's. They make the most adorable decorated sugar cookies!

Snowmen cookies that double as tree ornaments. I think this is a cool idea/presentation for party favors.

They don't only specialize in holiday cookies, they have different themes like this New York City sampler.

At the other end of Chelsea Market is a pop-up shop of Brooklyn's Artist and Fleas, with a collection of handmade creations and vintage finds.

Another market called Jingle runs until December 23.

Markets within a market -- just one of the reasons 
I love the holidays!

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