04 December 2012

Peace and Liberty

Hello there! This week, it's all about Christmas tree ornaments on my blog. When we first got our tree, we bought a bunch of white and silver trimmings in one go -- we didn't want a bare and blah tree after all. Over the years, picking up a new piece or two was standard. This time, each one had a story behind it.

Today's ornament finds roots in England. 

Over the summer, I was able to go back to one of my favorite cities -- London. And I made sure to stop at Liberty on Regent Street.

You can tell by the Tudor-style exteriors alone that Liberty is one magical place. It's been around since 1875 and has always been associated with impeccable design and luxury. 

 Fresh blooms, sold at the door, bathe you in fragrance as you enter the store.

The Tudor design continues even inside -- dark, heavy wood, and not the typical glass and steel of modern department stores, adds to the overall shopping experience. 

This winding staircase and light fixture makes me wish I was wearing an elaborate dress and petticoat, instead of casual jeans and sweater.

The staircases lead to small rooms and TADA! you'll find yourself at the ladies or men's department, the home section, the cafe' and so on.

I love the lace buntings and paper honeycomb balls on this floor. It's decorated this way because...  

It's the Christmas shop! It's located on the top floor, dressed up with fairy lights and walls upon walls of Christmas things like decorations, party crackers, gifts, candy and greeting cards. 

I spent more than an hour here, just mesmerized.

Many items were a bit pricey, but I had to get a little something for our tree. 

I chose this white wooden dove with gold accents. It was light and easy to pack in my suitcase. 

I liked its symbolism, too -- "Peace on Earth" and "Liberty", just like where it came from.

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