27 November 2013


I have a little project called "Gratitude Collage" that I'm doing all this week. 

I figured it's a good way to preserve the beauty of fall and to count my blessings.

I just gathered some leaves, pressed them in between scrap paper and books to flatten them. Then I glued them on paper, then enhanced with watercolor. Here's what I made today:

"Girls in Fancy Dresses" is what I've named this collage. 

These are what I'm thankful for: 
  • Friends that I can always lean on, the ones who are supportive, understanding, and even if we haven't spoken in a while, we'll always pick up when we left off
  • Occasions to get primped and pretty
  • For that little extra cash for a dress or shoes, because many times, "I have nothing to wear!"  
  • Reasons to celebrate
  • Lovely memories of parties past


Your comments are very much appreciated!