22 November 2013

Our Last Photo Together

"Art is healing."

My classmate in watercolor class said that one day. And in the past weeks, I've proven it to be true. 

If you've been reading my posts, I've shared that I lost someone dear to me -- my Auntie Edith. I was very close to her and she was one of the women I really looked up to.

Arts and crafts has held my hand through the good days and more so, the more challenging times of my life...as a means of expression, a routine to turn to, an homage to memories. 

I painted this farewell gift for my Auntie Edith. She knew I was taking up watercolor and was immensely supportive.

In it, she's happy and peaceful on a plush chaise lounge. We, her nephews and nieces, surround her. She didn't marry or have children but she was a second mother to all of us.

It's a picture I wish we had all taken when she was still around.

But instead of regrets, I'll take it as a reminder to cherish the everyday. And to capture as many of them in pictures.  

Now that the holidays are approaching, you might want to do the same with all you hold dear.

Have a restful weekend, everyone!

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