26 March 2014

A Spring Arrangement

Re-purposing glass jars is this week's theme.

Glass jars are one of the easiest things to recycle. It's no surprise why I have a cupboard filled with empty jars that I use for storage and crafting.

I found another version of this jar cover at Target. It has a grid top turning the task of flower arranging from blah to TADA!

Add some water to the glass jar.

Secure the lid and begin adding your favorite flowers.

This nifty grid keeps the flowers in place.

It makes it easy to create depth.

And adds volume even with only a few stems.

 And whichever angle you look; on top...

Or on either side, there's symmetry!

An easy and charming floral arrangement using an old jar and blooms from the supermarket. TADA!

You can also try looking at craft or garden stores for a product like this. Or you can try an onion sack like I did here.

Add a greeting card and it's instantly a hostess present or birthday gift.

Enjoy the rest of the week...see you back on Monday!

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