10 March 2014

Japanese Young Artists' Books Fair, Part 1

How are you dear friends? Where I live, we're back to Daylight Savings Time and spring officially begins on the 20th. I'm hoping the weather will quickly warm up for us winter-weary folk.

Anyway, today let me tell you about an artist/book fair I went to.

It's called the Japanese Young Artists' Books Fair, on-going until tomorrow at the Kinokuniya Bookstore, Printed Matter and Book Court.

This is an annual book fair highlighting the works of Japanese contemporary artists curated by a Tokyo-based gallery called Pepper's Project.

On display {and also for sale} are these handmade books in limited quantities.

They showcase photography...

Colorful drawings...

Fun artwork...




Collage and assemblage.

I really enjoyed the mythical drawings from this book.

I also liked "Taberu" which, when translated, means "to eat". I love how a small fork is enclosed with the book!

Tomorrow, I'll share my other favorite books from the fair. Have a beautiful day!

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