26 May 2014

Pressed Flowers

Good day dear friends! Where I live, the barren trees of a long, hard winter now sport bright green leaves.  Warmer temperatures have arrived and flowers abound. Spring is in full swing!

While photographs and watercolor can somehow preserve these blooming beauties, there's another alternative: pressing flowers.

 These are cherry blossoms.

Here are some carnations.

And these, daffodils.

Pressing flowers is quite easy to do. A kit like this would come in handy {and you can take it whenever you travel}.

But pressing flowers and leaves in between old phone books or heavy boxes is widely acceptable. Just make sure to sandwich the blooms in newspaper. Also, allot a few days to several weeks to get the perfect press.

I've selected these pressed flowers as a memento of this year's spring.

I mounted them on card stock using Mod Podge {any all purpose glue will work, too}. 

I'm ready to tack this onto my bulletin board or framing it in a shadow box is another fun option. This way, I have flowers in my work space all year round. TADA! 

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