21 July 2014

A Sweet Peach

I hope you're having a good start to the week!

If you'll recall, I tried my hand at needle felting a few blog entries ago. I made this teacup ornament from a little kit. I didn't want to stop there so I did a little research.

I picked up this book from the library with the intention of making something three dimensional.

I thought a small piece of fruit like a peach would be a simple challenge.

I assembled everything I needed: a felting needle and a pack of wool roving.

A foam block is also necessary to protect the needle, your work surface, and your precious fingers.

The first step is to make a core by rolling a bit of wool stuffing into a ball, then needle felting it until it feels moderately firm. I didn't have any wool stuffing on hand. Instead, I used the same wool roving.

The next step is to wrap a strip of wool roving to cover the core. 

Needle felt it in place (make sure to keep the needle straight to avoid it from breaking and always work on the foam surface). The finish should be smooth and tight. 

Next is to add an indentation to make it look like a real peach. Simply concentrate the needle felting in one spot on the bottom of the fruit. Then repeat this same technique on the top of the fruit.

To make a tiny stem, wrap a small piece of wool roving in another color around a wooden skewer or, in my case, the end of a paintbrush. Form it into the shape of a small sausage. 

Pull this off the skewer/paintbrush and needle felt it until it is firm.  

Here they are -- the stem and the peach.

Needle felt the stem into the indentation made on top of the fruit. But if kids will be playing with it, it's best to stitch the stem in place.

As an added detail, I glued on a leaf made from fabric scraps.

And I'm proud to say, "I made this sweet peach!" TADA!

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