14 July 2014

The Gracious Guest

One of the people I follow on Instagram is the lovely Barrett Prendergast of @valleybrinkroad. She's a chef, party planner, and blogger. She also makes and sells these beautiful gift boxes:

via Valleybrink Road

via Valleybrink Road
What a delightful gift to give or to receive, don't you agree? 

It was these gift boxes that I had in mind when I came across this blah clementine crate. 

 I thought it had the potential to be TADA!

So I painted the outside with a few coats of white acrylic paint (I used an old shower curtain as a work surface).

 Once dry, I painted a few layers of gray paint on the front side.

Here's what it looks like now that it's all dry.

I added the French line for "Thank You Very Much" in brush calligraphy. I made an outline using pencil and inked it with some white paint and a No. 6 watercolor brush. Then I put it aside to dry.

Then I added some clear grass. Shredded kraft paper or crumpled tissue paper are other options. 

The mission of this gift box is to thank a couple for hosting myself and my husband in their home for a few days.

I'm filling the box with treats that I'm sure they will like: a scented candle, some tea and honey, plus chocolates!

I also added some kitchen towels and a handmade flower (fresh flowers, if easily available, is always a better option).

Then I finished it off with a sumptuous bow and a handwritten note. TADA!

I really believe in expressing gratitude especially to those who have generously opened their homes to you, whether they're a family member or friend. I think it's TADA! when the guests are as equally gracious.

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