29 September 2014

Bead Bracelets

Two Sundays ago, I had the privilege of teaching a group of young girls how to make necklaces. We were celebrating Sophie's sixth birthday. 

On a beach trip with her family this summer, Sophie learned how to make a necklace. She wanted to re-create this and share the craft with her little friends.

I love it when kids are enthusiastic about crafting and have a memory attached to what they make.

Everyone strung starfish pendants and colorful beads on a piece of string, which we then finished off with closure clasps. Even if they used the same beads, each necklace had their own personal stamp on it. They proudly wore their creations while eating birthday cake.     

This inspired me to dig into my bead box.

These are just some of the beads that I found.

And I discovered a few odds and ends like tassels and pompoms. Why not throw those into the mix?

Stretchy cord. Yes, I can use that, too.

Instead of necklaces, I decided on making beaded bracelets.

So I strung the beads onto the cord, getting lost in my thoughts as I went along.

A few minutes later, here's what happened:

I made a bunch of unique bracelets using my old, blah beads. TADA!  

Stack them together for a bohemian party on the wrist!


  1. Lovely bit of recycling. Not so much enamoured with the pom-poms, but the tassels are terrific. ;-)

    I *just* had a beaded necklace snap on me the other night; this gives me inspiration to do something with those remains.

  2. Hi Rochelle! I'm glad this post sparked an idea. Happy crafting! :)


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