06 October 2014

Air Dry Clay...Hooray!

Hi guys! Thanks for coming over for another handmade idea.

Today, I'm playing with crafter's clay.

This kit comes with an assortment of colors that, when mixed together, produces new colors! I learned about it at this event. I enjoyed it so much, I bought some for my craft arsenal.

I also purchased these silicone molds with adorable designs.

Let's make yellow bows, shall we?

Open the package and tear off a small amount of clay. In between uses, don't forget to put the clay in a zip-top bag to keep it from drying out. This kind of clay hardens when exposed to air.

Knead the clay to make it more pliable and put just enough clay into the hollows of the silicone mold. 

Because the mold is non-stick, the bows pop out easily.

Make as many bows as you need and let them dry (I do it overnight). If you can't find crafter's clay, I suppose this or this are good alternatives. They're both air dry clay, too. I don't see why salt dough can't be used as an option (baking required).

Now, what did I use the bows for?

I used them to embellish some blah card stock. TADA! -- instant notecards!

They're perfect for small notes -- the ones you put in your child's lunchbox or to hand to someone to brighten their day.

Stop by tomorrow for another idea. See you then!

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