08 December 2014

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Good day lovelies! This week, another idea for a tree ornament.

I'm transforming this from blah to TADA!

What is this, you ask? It was a container for a bite-size cheesecake from one of my favorite neighborhood bakeries. The cheesecake is all gone but I saved the packaging. 

Doesn't it look like a snow globe? I'm turning it into one!

First, I fashioned "snow balls" out of crafter's clay, glued each ball together making a snowman.

I drew on some body parts with a black pen.

Then I made him a scarf out of felt.

On the base of the snow globe, I put a generous amount of glue and a shower of glitter.

With more glue, I attached my snowman to the base.

Plus a little shout-out to snow.

On the plastic dome, I made a hole using a needle, inserted some string and made a few knots. This will be the handle for my ornament.

Attach both parts together, and here it is -- a handmade ornament. TADA!

It's ready for a place on the Christmas tree.

Wishing you all a terrific week ahead!

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