15 December 2014

Fun Felt Ornaments

I enjoy making Christmas ornaments as you've seen the past two weeks. The holidays are always busy but crafting is a moment of "me time". Besides, new ornaments contribute to the personal history of our tree.

Today, I'm turning some felt sheets from blah to TADA!

I'm using these miniature cookie cutters as a pattern for the design. I just trace around them with a pencil, always making a pair.

With embroidery floss and a needle, I embellish the felt ornaments.

Then I fuse both sheets together with some hand stitching and finishing with a few knots.

I left an opening on one end so I could stuff it with fiber fill (or clean cotton balls).

Then I close the hole with a few more stitches and knots. Add a piece of thread as a hanging device.

Here is my little mitten. 

And here is my mini tree.

And a red Christmas ball.

More ornaments make it merry! TADA!

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