16 February 2015

Hot Chocolate

It's been unbearably cold these past few weeks. Some days there is snow, some days are sunny, but the temperature is always, always below zero. Blah

But it's February -- that time of year when it's alright to reward oneself with chocolate for all the cold weather we have to endure. 

So I braved the blustery weather and made a beeline at City Bakery where they're having their annual Hot Chocolate Festival. TADA!

There's a new flavor for each day of the month.

This one is the Espresso Hot Chocolate. You can't really taste the espresso but it does bring out the chocolate flavor more. You can get a shot just like this one or purchase a regular coffee cup size.

Homemade marshmallows are optional but always a decadent treat.

Tomorrow, please stop by for a craft that's all about chocolate. Have a nice day!

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