27 April 2015

Fun Fabric Decoupage

Hello sunshine! How are you my lovelies?

I've been very happy with the sunny weather the past few days. And I found a craft that matched the blossoming season.

I bought this at the craft store in the middle of winter (you're right, I was longing for warm weather).

It's a package filled with fabric die-cuts meant for fabric-to-fabric decoupage. I'm using the flowers to dress this up:

A blah-looking case for sunglasses.

Before beginning the craft, wash this with soap and water to remove fabric sizing. It's best to avoid using fabric softener or a dryer sheet so that the die-cuts will adhere well. You can use an iron to remove any wrinkles.

Once the surface was ready, I chose a few flowers and experimented on where to position them.

It's recommended to use a fabric-to-fabric decoupage glue but I didn't have that on hand. Instead, I used a permanent fabric glue.

Put a few drops of glue at the back of each die-cut. I used my fingers to spread the glue, but a paintbrush can be used, too.

Press the die-cut onto the chosen area and smooth out with your fingers. I added more glue on the top and edges of each die-cut for a firmer grip. I let this dry for at least an hour.

Then I did the same on the flip side using a different set of flowers.

I let this dry again, using a small bottle to prop up the fabric case. This allows both sides to dry without any side sticking on a surface.

And here is my sunglasses case all set for the spring and summer months. TADA!

And it's useful for eyeglasses, too.

Have a great week ahead!

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