15 April 2015

Let The Fruits Do The Talking

Happy Wednesday! Thank you for visiting today.

This is my new purchase and current read. It's a new book by Joy Cho called "Oh Joy! 60 Ways to Create and Give Joy". I love its premise because I think crafting brings happiness to the one who crafts and also to the recipient of the craft. 

Joy thoughtfully wrote this inscription on my copy. She said she remembered me from her past book signings like this one. Blush. She's so kind. I'm not surprised why she has such a loyal following.

Here's one craft that I immediately tried out:

Little messages on fruit! Remove those brand labels stuck on them at the supermarket and replace them with thoughtful notes. 

Joy has templates in the book but here's my blah to TADA! twist on the idea:

I use blank sticker labels, rubber stamps and an ink pad.

I stamp out my message. It's short but sweet. 

Then I attach them right on the fruit:

Just to say "Good Morning".

Or when you need to be a cheerleader.

Or to wish your loved one well.

A simple gesture that's good for the tummy and the soul!

You can do the same with paint and markers, too. TADA!

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