05 October 2015

The Coffee Art Project

Howdy everyone! Last week, I told you about The New York Coffee Festival. Of course, I checked out the coffee selections, the food, the talks. But, I could not ignore the art.

Here are a few photos of the works on display:

All inspired by coffee and some made with coffee! They're all part of The Coffee Art Project, a high profile international art competition with participating cities like New York, London, Milan, Amsterdam, Melbourne and Paris. 

Maybe you'd like to participate. Yes?

Artists of all skill levels can enter one piece of artwork that connects to COFFEE and/or a COFFEE SHOP EXPERIENCE. There is no restriction on media used. You may use scuplture, painting, installation, photography, and mixed media. These are all eligible, provided that they have a justifiable link to coffee. Checkout their website for more information.

I hope I'll see your work on display!

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