26 October 2015

A Gallery of Greeting Cards

Bookstores and greeting card stores. Two of my favorite places to visit, yet they are becoming a rarity. Sigh.

Imagine my surprise when I stepped into a Hallmark Store. They revved up their selection and I must say, they are spectacular!

Here, take a look:

So many cute cards to choose from!

Macarons? Oui! 

What is a party without a pinata? 

 Did anyone say doughnuts?

Who says sprinkles are only for cupcakes?

 Birthday card? Check!
Birthday candles? Check!

I like how the greeting card designer's bio is part of the display.

There's also an international line, featuring work by British artists.

Here's to snail mail! Here's to greeting cards! And here's to the artists who make them. I think it's TADA! 

Have a beautiful week, folks.

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