20 June 2016

A Copper Jello Mold

A few years ago, I was at a New York City flea market where I found this:

It's a copper jello mold. I fell in love with its shape. Even if you didn't use it, it would be a pretty accent to a kitchen wall (see the little hanging hook on top?).

Good thing it has a practical purpose that I don't mind using. Just pour gelatin-based desserts right in and let it set.

This dessert is called Cathedral Windows or Stained Glass Cake, made of different colored Jello suspended in a panna cotta. It's light and not too sweet.

It resembles the stained glass windows you can find in many churches.

This is a strawberry panna cotta (there are diced strawberries inside).

I can't wait to make more desserts out of this copper mold. I'll find out if I can use it to bake cakes, too.

May you all have a sweet week, folks!

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