28 June 2016

Crafts from the Book "Back in the Day Bakery"

Yesterday, I wrote about a cookbook that I really enjoyed.

I mean, with illustrations like this spread out all over the book, you know that a lot of heart and soul was put into its making. 

The book is called "Back in the Day Bakery (Made With Love)" with recipes from the bakery with the same name. 

The bakery, owned by Cheryl and Griffith Day, is located in Savannah, Georgia. Look, they even have a shelf within the bakery selling little take home gifts.

The cookbook is filled with many delectable sweets and savories. 

But the cookbook also has crafts. My kind of combination!

Here are my favorites:

A cake topper for a milestone birthday.

A lunchbox made from an old canister/ice bucket.

A whimsical chandelier made of straws, cupcake liners, and marshmallows.

A cupcake "surprise ball" filled with tiny toys and treats.

And the cutest cake-shaped party hat!

This cake plate wasn't a featured craft but I think I'd like to make something similar using an old, blah plate and a marker like what I did here.  It can be used for many celebrations and can become an heirloom piece for the family. TADA!

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