14 November 2016

A Handmade Box for Handmade Treats

The holidays are fast approaching and I can't help but think of my Christmas list.

Handmade is always a good idea, so allow me to share how this festive gift box is made.

I used this really cool tool, a scoring board for making boxes and envelopes.

I started with some cardstock, trimmed to a 7 inch by 7 inch square. I prepared two sheets, one for the lid and one for the bottom part of the box.

The scoring board comes with instructions and size guidelines depending on the size of box you need. 

I used the bone folder that came with the scoring board to mark some lines. "Scoring" just means "fold lines", which makes the box easier and neater to fold. 

The measurement for the lid is bigger than that of the bottom part.

When scoring is done, fold on the lines and cut four sides. 

Form the boxes and glue the ends together.

And now we have a gift box. TADA!

It can be used for any kind of wrapping. But if you like to bake, it's good for Christmas cookies. It's best to line the box with parchment paper to protect both the cookies and the box.

Fold the parchment paper...

Close the box...

And your handmade treats are ready to be given away!

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