28 November 2016

Craft Technique: Wood Burning

One sunny day, I went to Chinatown and I was able to buy these:

A few kitchen essentials: a pair of oven mitts, a spatula and pastry brushes. And I got all of these for less than $10! Let me show you how I turn them from blah to TADA!

I'm using this new tool in my craft arsenal. It's a burning tool that can be used for wood, leather, gourds and many other stuff. 

It comes with several screw-on tips and is powered electrically. To use it, it's held like a pencil. These tips and hand pressure will determine the design. I still have to get the hang of this, though.

Instead, I'm using these hot stamps alphabet set to add an initial.

While still unplugged, I screw the letter (my choice for this project is the letter "O") on the wood burning tool. I plug it to a socket, set it on its cradle, and let it heat up for a few minutes. Then I tested it on some scrap wood, applying even pressure and holding it still for several seconds.

Once I was comfotable, I decided on which part of the spatula I wanted the initial.

I chose to brand it on the handle.

As for the pastry brush, I made the initial more prominent.

Once done, I gathered everything together with a ribbon. 

I think this makes a nice hostess gift or a present for someone who just moved into a new home. TADA!

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