05 December 2016

A Wreath Re-Do

The holidays have arrived and it's time to decorate. Some people go all out with the tall tree, outdoor lights, and lawn ornaments. But if like me, you live in an apartment, it can be quite a challenge because of the lack of space.

At the very least, why not put up a wreath? It doesn't take much commitment and it brings cheer to those who dwell there and to everyone who visits.

Here's a basic wreath and door hanger that I got at the craft store. It's looking a little blah.

If you'll recall from a few years back, I turned it into TADA! by adding these salt dough ornaments. It's a candy-inspired wreath!

This year, I made a little change:

With a new ribbon, some berries and an ornament, my wreath is a little more grown-up. TADA! 

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  1. Wreaths are great. They are so easy to be creative with no matter what your skill level. Love both of your versions - have great Christmas, Claire!


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