10 April 2017

A Chocolate Bunny

Easter is coming right up and I thought I'd make something in the kitchen.

I bought this chocolate bunny mold sometime ago and thought maybe I'd play around with it.

I melted some chocolate using the double boiler method.

Once the chocolate was melted and smooth...

I poured it into the mold, filled in the little crevices, and tapped the mold on the table to get ride of any air pockets. Then I let the chocolate harden inside the fridge.

After an hour, it was time to unmold my bunny.

Did I tell you it's made of dark chocolate?

I think it's a perfect surprise for the adults because they deserve Easter treats, too. TADA!

Have a Happy Easter!

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  1. Chocolate! You're speaking my language. I had some dark chocolate with a cup of coffee for breakfast this morning. Your bunny turned out great, and you're right--any adult would love a dark chocolate bunny surprise.


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