03 April 2017

Word Games

Spring is here and I can't wait to spend time outdoors!

One of the things I most like to do is to go to flea markets like the Brooklyn Flea. One day, I'd like to visit flea markets across the States, but for now, it'll be somewhere close to home. I love the thrill of the hunt and always, always I find something at a flea market!

This was my most recent find: scrabble tiles. I've crafted with scrabble tiles before to make a necklace. But this was a treasure trove because there were enough letters to spell out names!

I was able to spell out my name and my husband's name. I purchased the tiles and went straight to the craft table.

This is a simple project involving very few materials: an empty frame (I took out the glass), scrapbook paper, a hot glue gun, and the scrabble tiles. 

I chose this paper design that looked like Polaroid photos. I think each square added visual interest. I positioned the paper inside the frame.

Lay-out the tiles and once satisfied with the arrangement, attach them to the paper with hot glue. 

And look at that, instant art! Add more names as the family grows (including pets, too). It also makes for a thoughtful present for an engagement or anniversary. TADA! 

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