15 May 2017

A Purse with Pompoms

Today's craft is part of my #100DayProject. It's simple to do and shows you a few souvenirs from my travels.

This is a coin purse that I got from a solo trip in 2004 to the mountains of Banaue and Sagada in the Philippines. The handicrafts in this region include knits, woodwork, and woven products like bags and blankets. 

I liked this minimalist black and white pattern. But over time, it felt it needed a make-over.

I found some embellishements in the form of a tassel, pompoms, and beads. The beads are from a beach trip to the Dominican Republic. I had my hair braided and the lady secured the braids with these colorful beads. And of course I kept them thinking, "Maybe I can use them again someday". 

I strung everything together with a needle and thread.

It can be as long or as short as you would like.

Knot the end securely and attach the tail of the thread through a jumpring.

Attach the jump ring through the hole of the zipper with a pair of pliers.

And here it is -- my coin purse now has more color. TADA!

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  1. I love what the addition of color has done to your black-n-white purse. This may be my favorite pompom project yet!


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