29 May 2017

The Art of Hand Lettering

Howdy guys! I'm not sure what percentage of the world still writes using pen and paper. It's so easy to go electronic and paperless these days. 

I love handwriting. My lists are still written in a notebook and workshop notes jotted down in cahiers.  I'm in the habit of writing letters and cards. And I'm back into filling daily journals. 

That's why fancy penmanship appeals to me. I even took a calligraphy class! I know...very old school.

I picked up this book by the talented Abbey Sy, a creative entrepreneur specializing in hand lettering and travel illustrations. Here she details the basics of the art and features other artists to help the reader find their style.

Before attempting to hand letter, I assembled a kit. I chose this packing cube meant for travel because it has many compartments.

To be candid, I've seen a lot of kits like this in my Instagram feed and I got so jealous. Imagine, pens in all colors and tip sizes inside cases bursting at the seams!

I didn't spend on anything, though. These are supplies that I already have that I just organized in one container. As you can see, it has different kinds of pens, pencils, a paintbrush, compass, ruler and sharpener. I can add more supplies later (I'm still on the hunt for recommendations).

To start my hand lettering journey, I practiced my letters in different styles.

Then I combined styles and colors just to get the hang of it.

I worked on a few quotes and favorite slogans.

Right now, I'm just practicing until I find my hand lettering style. Next time, I'll show you where I apply my artsy letters.

Have a productive week ya'all!


  1. The last image shows your range of lettering styles, very nice! I practice my lettering when I write my to-do lists and when I enter appointments in my engagement calendar.

    1. I know your lists are beautiful! Thank you for your encouragement, Priscilla!


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