08 January 2018

My Bullet Journal

Hello guys! It's that time of year when we write down our goals and promise ourselves a more organized, results-oriented year. Planners and journals have been all the rage and I think it's TADA! This old school system of pen and paper is alive and well.

My journal takes elements from the Bullet JournalI created a version that suits my needs:

Moleskine, planner, 2018 calendar
The notebook I chose was a company gift from work. It's a Moleskine with lined pages. 

Moleskine, planner, craft stamps, 2018 calendar
To make it my own, I used these cute craft stamps and a black ink pad. These have been collected over the years waiting to be used more regularly.  

Moleskine notebook, planner, 2018 calendar, craft stamps
The first page has my contact information in case I accidentally leave it while on the go. I also promise a hefty reward! 

Moleskine notebook, planner, 2018 calendar, craft stamps, #bujo
Start each page with the date.

Moleskine notebook, planner, 2018 calendar, craft stamps, #bujo
I divided each page into five sections. 

The main attraction of this journal is my TO DO List.

As much as I love crossing off the list, I'm instead following the "Task Bullets" as follows: 
  • "X" means task complete
  • ">" means task migrated (a task that wasn't completed and will be moved to the next day's list)
  • "<" means task is already scheduled (ex. a vacation, meeting, etc.)  
I also want to include highlights of the day which will help me remember events. These I put under NOTES.

There's a line that goes, "Baby steps will move you forward". I want to celebrate little victories that help me reach my goals. These are the items I list under BRAVO.

MESSAGE is where I put a memorable quote, a verse from my prayer time, or a shoutout from the Universe.

GRATITUDE is where I write down at least five things that I am grateful for on that day.

Moleskine notebook, planner, 2018 calendar, craft stamps
I also put some random frames where I can make art or stick a souvenir from my day.

Moleskine notebook, planner, 2018 calendar, craft stamps
My preference is a simple black and white page where I can track productivity and allows me to pause and appreciate. I want to look at each page as a sense of accomplishment instead of a daunting list of things that need to be done.

Depending on my future needs, I can change the layout and the categories, but for now, this is an ideal system for me.

Here's a related book I want to check out:

Bullet Journal, planner, Rachel Wilkerson Miller
I hope these tips were helpful for your journaling journey!


  1. I just started my own new day planner this past week but it's nothing as elaborately laid out as yours. Mine (from Blueline's Doodleplan collection) does have some colouring elements featured on each page, however, to accommodate quick bursts of creativity.

    BTW, love the offer of a freshly baked pie!

    1. Thanks for sharing your day planner, Rochelle! I like the coloring pages! And yes, food is always a good bribe ;-)

  2. Nice planner! My favorite part is the frame stamp for mini art pieces. I also like the idea of a message, and I've added a message block to my planner weeks this year, too. Haha, a pie, how clever!


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