23 April 2018

A Paper Vase

Hi everyone! It's so nice to see you today!

On a trip to the Museum of Modern Art gift shop, I spotted these vases. They are made of paper! Well, not really. There's an actual vase inside and the outer covering is like a jacket which is made of paper.

I think it's a smart inspiration for crafting. The actual vase can be a bottle or jar, and the "jacket" can be made of paper scraps like printed scrapbook paper or gift wrapper. Or stick with plain paper with cut-outs made using a hole punch, craft punches or an X-acto knife.

I think it would be a nice accent for a desk or line them up on the table for your next dinner party. TADA!

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  1. Those are really clever. You could stick a paper jacket over an ugly pickle jar to dress it up.


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