02 April 2018

Handmade Greeting Cards

One of my greatest pleasures is snail mail! Whether I am at the receiving end or the one sending it, all the steps involved make it worth it. And that includes making the card itself. Here are a few of the cards that I made:

I call this the "Hi" card. The "Hi" is made with wood burning tools and a beechwood tag. The card is an assemblage of scrapbook paper, stickers, and punched-out paper.

This I call the "Shabby Chic" card. It's made of scrapbook paper, glitter, and lace.

This card is personalized and is made of chipboard and stickers.

These are postcards. They come in a little book that contain coloring book pages for adults. I filled in the blanks with watercolor.

This was created with a bunch of stamps and black ink.

These are handmade and heartfelt. TADA!


  1. I would love to receive some snail mail as lovingly handmade as these!

    1. Hi Rochelle! Snailmail is such a pleasure to give and to receive! :)

  2. I just know your friends and family love getting your cards in the mail. They're so creative and pretty!

  3. Hi Priscilla! I'm lucky that my friends express their appreciation...which is why I'm never tired of making and sending handmade greetings. :)


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