18 June 2018

A Little More Lettering

Hello everyone! I've been practicing my hand lettering. I've showed you some tools in my arsenal but my favorite to use are watercolors. Practicing this is an art in itself and helps improve the legibility of my penmanship. 

Here are samples of where I've applied it:

My own Thank You cards using blank correspondence cards.

Table numbers for a party or wedding reception.

These are little notes that I like to leave in random locations. My favorite place to leave them is at restaurants, on the bill tray after the check has been paid...I tuck the tip and this card inside the envelope for a staff member who has done an exceptional job. TADA!

I hope you liked these ideas. See you next week!


  1. Your lettering is beautiful! I like them all, but I'm especially fond of cursive, so your purple and green "thank you"s are my fave.

  2. "THANK YOU Priscilla" is what I'll write in cursive and pretty paper ;-)


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