03 December 2018

How To: Holiday Gift Box

Hi there! How is your holiday shopping coming along? Today, I've got some inspiration for gift wrapping.

It starts with cheese...

I was ready to throw this box away. It packaged individally-wrapped cheese wedges. Then I thought, "This makes a good candidate for a blah to TADA! project".

I really liked its shape and the cardboard is quite sturdy.

I took off the sticker labels on both sides and replaced them with these festive cardboard circles (made from scrapbook paper and traced with a can).

I used All Purpose Glue to attach them to the box.

While letting this dry, I made some embellishments:

An image using rubber stamps, an ink pad, and kraft paper.

I cut around the image and attached it to the box with more glue.

With some natural twine, I made a handle.

I inserted it through the existing hole and made a few knots to secure it.

Inside, I tucked in a little present (wrapped in gift tissue).

And here is my holiday gift box...TADA!

Washi tape on the outer rim will keep the box closed until Christmas Eve.

Happy shopping, happy wrapping!


  1. Love it, Claire! I can see small gifts like that helping to trim a Christmas tree too.

    Believe it or not, I've never tried that cheese, but now seeing a side benefit to the whole thing, I may have to pick up some. ;-)

  2. Hi Rochelle! Yes, they can double as ornaments, too! Thanks for stooping by :)

  3. So cute and timely, too, since it's wrapping season!


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