27 November 2018

Travel Tags

Nice to see you guys today!

I found this chocolate wrapper too cute to throw away. So I saved it and transformed it into...

A luggage tag...TADA!

I still had some paper left-over for a new craft.

We'll need these acrylic key rings (I got them from the craft store).

You can put anything inside like photos or kiddie drawings.

I cut two rectangles out of the chocolate wrapper.

Then I put them inside the key chain frame and locked it in place with the acrylic backing.

Raaka Chocolate, chocolate packaging, blah to TADA!, graphic design, paper crafts, upcycle
Now, I've got a luggage tag and matching key chain in this chic, graphic print...TADA!


  1. This would be a great project for a teen sleepover. Hey, stocking stuffers, too. Thanks for sharing!


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