28 January 2019

Treasures from the Trash: A White Shelf

Hi there guys! I live in an apartment building and there's a common room where we put our trash and recyclables. Sometimes people leave furniture that they no longer need. 

Here is the most recent one that I saw:

It's a hefty white shelf that's versatile for any room and can be positioned vertically or horizontally depending on how it's used.

If only we had room in our apartment, you'd see me hauling it and claiming it as mine. But our space is limited. Sigh. 

I did spend a good amount of time thinking of how I would use it.  I'm borrowing some images from the web to describe what I have in mind.  Here goes:

1. I would add "drawers" in the form of removable boxes or baskets

via Pinterest
I really like these square baskets with the white shelf. It's a modern country look and each member of the family can have a basket or two to store things like mail and gadgets.

via Limmaland

Here's a similar one for a child's bedroom. The addition of a wood plank on top gives the shelf more character.

15 Cool and Clever IKEA Bookcase Hacks
via Pinterest

File boxes are a good fit, too! I would use this in the home office with a current project assigned to each box (ex. craft projects, book research, etc.).

2. I could also use it as a music corner

via Pinterest
I would put our record player and speakers on top and our records on the shelves (separated by genre).

Vintage vinyl collection at Jenni Kayne president Julia Hunter's LA home.
via Remodelista
And since we don't have that many records, I could include books and other decorative pieces just like this shelf.

3. It can work as a dining room console

via Pinterest
A versatile piece that can be a bar, buffet table, and storage for dinnerware.

via Buzzfeed
Or inside a home office or craft room...TADA!

4. I could also add feet

furniture feet, feet for furniture, legs for furniture
via Pinterest
The feet add height and make the shelf look more grown up.

furniture feet, feet for furniture, legs for furniture
via Delia Creates
This shelf-and-tapered feet combination gives it a mid century modern vibe. 

Here are some options for furniture feet that I might use:

feet for furniture, furniture feet, legs for furniture, Etsy furniture accessories
via Etsy
Gold feet that look like jewelry for furniture.

furniture feet, feet for furniture, legs for furniture, Etsy furniture accessories
via Etsy
Or chunky feet in dark wood. 

Lowes Waxman 2-Pack 1-5/8-in Plastic Swivel Caster, feet for furniture, furniture feet, movable casters,
via Lowes
And maybe even casters so that I could easily move the shelf around.

While I was looking for images, I chanced upon this one:

Ariane Brand
via Ariane Brand
Isn't this the most adorable play grocery/market stand/patisserie a child could have? I want one for myself!

I hope these ideas have inspired you to turn your old furniture from blah to TADA!


  1. My fave are the little wooden feet and the square baskets. Super cute.:-)

  2. Yay! Thanks for always leaving me a sweet note, Priscilla!


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