31 January 2019

A Pretty Butterfly

Two years ago, my Mom passed away. To honor her memory, I painted this butterfly:

Whenever I see butterflies, especially the Monarch, I know that my Mom is near.

This little clip was taken last summer at the park near where I live...TADA!

I hope butterflies bring you the same joy as it brings me. 


  1. Watercolor makes the best butterflies! I know what you mean about your mom being nearby when you see a butterfly. I have the same feeling about my dear aunt.

  2. Whenever I see any butterfly, I just stop whatever it is I am doing until it's no longer in sight. Such an appropriate symbol for your mom, as butterflies are — as the saying goes — totally free.

    1. You are right, Rochelle! Free, beautiful and makes you stop and admire nature. :)


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